Top 10 most powerful print items

Research says effective print marketing is kept for far longer than digital equivalents, is referred back to multiple times, creates better brand recall and is shared more often with friends and colleagues.

Over the last four decades we’ve seen thousands of designs at Whitehall Printing - we’re sharing our top 10 favourites that deliver the ‘wow’ factor and generate great customer response. How many of these have you utilised in your marketing, and are you missing a printer’s trick?

  1. Personalisation – the holy grail in print. The inclusion of someone’s name immediately draws in your reader, especially placed in an unexpected way …written on a product label or integrated into your images. Coca Cola & Marmite have used this technique mercilessly!
  2. Business or contact cards – simple but essential. Passing someone your card instantly moves your connection with them from momentary to memorable. These don’t need to be flashy but a heavy weight stock or a lamination are the effectively difference between fly-by-night, and here-to-stay.
  3. Vouchers – with the right finishing these can really build how your brand. Make sure that credit notes and gift vouchers stand out with gold foiling, embossing or lamination. This not only heightens their longevity but also their perceived value, increasing their worth… and yours! 
  4. Brochures, magazines & booklets – when you have a lot of products, give your customer a direct and leisurely way to browse them. Increase pages to allow generous, full bleed images and enhance the aspirational nature of your products or services, moving customers closer to an ‘emotional’ rather than just ‘transactional’ relationship with you.
  5. DL flyers – either flat sheet or folded, these are a godsend to small businesses and tourist attractions in need of quick, engaging communications that support the sales patter and can be easily taken away.
  6. Hard back books – with the longest shelf life of all comms, nothing says permanence and authority like a case bound book.  Books display photography and text beautifully inviting your reader to take their time and engage with you on a deeper, more thoughtful level.
  7. Greetings cards – less of an everyday item but great for added impact and fun. Why not celebrate your customer’s anniversary or send them a birthday card with a voucher? You’ll see response rates, referrals and brand sentiment soar.
  8. Gold, silver and copper foiling – bang on-trend these ooze luxury and make your customer feel special. Formerly reserved for fancy packaging, we’re now seeing these on brochures and business cards. Also a great way to differentiate a mail campaign or celebrate a milestone.
  9. Calendars – Despite electronic calendars and mobile synchronisation, two thirds of the UK population have a paper calendar in their home! On our specialist site we’ve seen demand grow for both consumer wall calendars and B2B desk calendars. A calendar shows you are useful to your customer and keeps you visible for 12 months of the year.
  10. Packaging & folders – the way you enclose your information is (according to packaging gurus) as important as the information itself. A strong re-useable A4 folder or recyclable board says you are reliable, helpful and eco-friendly. Whereas a spot UV laminated logo or brightly coloured interior says you are innovative, progressive and ahead of the competition.

Of course any print product can be enhanced to improve response rates with special finishes. We recommend working with a professional graphic designer to ensure your comms work together as part of a cohesive brand and compliment your digital marketing.

If you have the seed of an idea you’d like to develop remember, we have thousands of samples here at Whitehall Printing. So drop us a line or book an appointment and make your print more powerful!

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