Environmentally Friendly Printing

environmentally friendly printing

Our green choices

In recent decades the print industry has made huge advances to become one of the only truly sustainable sectors on the planet. Whitehall Printing has long been a part this crusade and is proud to be accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard.

Here are just a few of the choices we've made to mitigate our environmental impact:

  • We developed a low-energy facility where all areas of production are regularly monitored to achieve ISO efficiency targets.
  • All waste products from chemicals and containers to ink rags and light bulbs are either disposed of responsibly or recycled by specialist firms.
  • Paper stocks are sourced from well-managed FSC® forests with a fully traceable supply chain. 
  • We encourage clients to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting the benefits of sustainably sourced and recycled papers.
  • We support Bristol's Ride to Work bicycle scheme and offer staff and visitors electric car charging in our car park.
  • We sponsor a forest management charity that helps protect and develop ancient and new forests across the South West UK. 
  • We celebrated our 40th anniversary by planting 40 trees in and around Bristol, and continue to support tree-planting programmes.


Your green choices

Recycled Papers

Whitehall Printing are always keen to show our clients just how good recycled papers have become. In many cases these stocks are no more expensive, and are equal in quality and performance. Why not request a sample with your next quotation?

Natural Inks

Our lithographic print is produced using inks sourced from raw, renewable materials and are petroleum-free.

FSC® Papers

We offer an exclusive range of FSC® certified papers originating from sustainable well-managed forests and regulated to strict environmental, social and economic standards.  Based in Europe, these forests have grown exponentially in the last 50 years (by the size of Switzerland!) thanks to the growing demand for FSC products.  Put simply, the number of trees planted in FSC forests exceeds the number of trees felled for pulp and paper.  And of course more trees are a crucial in the fight against climate change.

Only FSC® certified suppliers like Whitehall Printing are authorised to print the well-known FSC tree symbol onto your printed goods - now recognised by half the British population.  The symbol contains a special identifying code that allows the product's journey to be traced through multiple organisations in a 'Chain of Custody', right back to the forest it came from.