Foamex Panel Printing

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Signpost your customers

Point your customers in the right direction with Whitehall Printing's range of large format signage and display materials for offices, exhibitions, trade stands and events.

Firstly, choose the best material for a durable and distinctive display:

PVC Foamex

A popular choice for both indoor prints and outdoor signage.  This slightly flexible, durable plastic board is available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses.  Foamex is very popular for a multitude of applications; point of sale, art exhibitions, events advertising and temporary outdoor signage.  Foamex is perfect for large photographic & art prints, or high quality commercial work requiring stunning definition and realism when viewed close-up.


An economic, very lightweight & rigid board, available in 5mm and 10mm thicknesses. Foamcore has a smooth matt white, card-based surface on both sides with white foam in the centre.  Foamcore is best suited for indoor graphics.  

Aluminium Dibond

Ideal for outdoor signage or for a slick contemporary surface for indoor art, Dibond is the most common brand name for Aluminium Composite Sheet.  At 3mm thick, it is rigid yet relatively lightweight, very flat and has low thermal expansion, so ideal for long term outdoor use.  Our standard colour is white, however we can source other colours and finishes on request.